Iphones are taking over the world, one pocket at a time.

As you have most likley noticed, it seems like every other person in the world has an Iphone. It is rare to not see an Iphone or 7 in a crowd at any given moment. It seems like the Iphone is taking over the world.  It seems to be the leading smartphone by a huge stretch. So why the huge interest in Iphones.

I think everyone like how it has redefined cellphones. We used to be interested in buying ringtones and games at the app store. But now we do everything like stream Netflix and actually purchase albums and music. It has become a multimedia device. Where we can perform multiple task. It has decreased sales in GPS, as well as regul cell phone significantly. More than anything I think that the price of the phone is very appealing. Who would not pay for a phone that cost $200 and includes a GPS, a Mp3 Player and a phone. The phone is a great deal and a great product.

In my opinion, I would probably never go back to any other phone other than an Iphone. It is the quality and look of the phone that I like the most. I can say that the popularity of the phone makes me want to get a new Iphone alot less. Before exclusives own Iphones and not everyone has one. But nothing can really top the Iphone. Technology in the itself is pretty great.

We have become dependent on these devices and everyone is trying to keep up with the latest technology. It is just the law of the ladn and it will only get more and more intense with the Iphone 6,7 and 8. People love and want their technology, to follow trends and to potentially fit in and technology is a major way that this is seen. We rely on the things that make life easier.

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