Is All Publicity Really Good Publicity?

We have all heard the age old saying “Age publicity is good publicity” but is that really true. All attention is not good attention but is it worth it because at least your getting more attention that you were before? For people like William Hung the saying rand true. He appeared on American idol and sung so bad that he got super popular ans even put out and album! It makes sense but it in my humble opinion it is not the most logical statement or thought process. Recently I spoke with a advertisement sales man and he began to tell me a very interesting story about a business and how bad publicity can work in someones favor. He has a local Orlando client whose commercials are everywhere. When the client asked him what he thought of his new commercials, the advertisement salesman told him that they weren’t bad enough! So they local business man took it one step further and in his new commercial covered a song he had no permission to cover in hopes of the artists filing a lawsuit against him and BAM instant publicity. The big bad artists picking on the local businessman and instant attention and possible sympathy. But is it all worth it? You will be losing money on lawyers and other legal expenses and time that you could be spending devising a better strategy to get more business will instead be spent on legal woes. So bad publicity is not good publicity its just like how it sounds. Bad publicity that comes with negative effects and sad endings.

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