Is America Sheltering Us Too Much From Graphic Material In the Media?

In Arielle Emmett’s article, “Too Graphic?” the issue of censorship in American media is discussed. Some believe that the media is too censored but when the Haitian earthquake hit and there was an abundance of graphic material shown, the public thought it was too much. I feel that the media should not hold back and shelter us. The desensitization does not prepare US citizens for what is out in the world. I have my own experience to prove it.
Since my family is from Peru, we are subscribed to a Peruvian news channel broadcasting from Lima. I recall the night of September 11th, 2011. We were watching CNN as well as America Noticias from Peru. CNN would only show clips of the first second or two of people jumping. America Noticias would show the body as it fell and sometimes after they hit the ground. I feel that the American media censors it’s images so much because they feel that the public is too sensitive but I feel that we are too sensitive because we are so censored. In Peru, they show people getting hit by traffic, killed and the aftermath of it all. It is raw.
I feel that this prepares the public for what is really happening out in the world. Why be censored? The American media should take a page from the regulations of the media in other countries. It is good for the public. It prepares us for the world.

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