Is Apple entering into the world of video games?

Microsoft’s Xbox introduced its Kinect a couple years ago and it rejuvenated the Xbox. Kinect let user be interactive with the games they played giving them a totally new gamming experience. Yesterday Apple, Microsoft’s biggest competitor, finalized the purchase of PrimeSense, which is the Israel-based company who produces the Kinect unit for the Xbox. Apple paid a reported $360 million for the company. With this purchase a lot of people are now trying to figure out what Apple is going to do now that they own a company that makes this type of sensing technology.

Apple released a statement that said “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans”, while PrimeSense declined to speak to the press about the buy out. A lor of technology guru’s suggest that Apple wont be using the sensing technology to make a gaming console to compete with Microsoft, but that they are going to use the technology to make Apple TV and other Apple products more fun to use. Other rumors are saying that Apple is going to be using the technology to bring out products that are truly different. One would be the TV set that apple has had in the works for a couple years now. Another suggestion was that Apple could maybe making a smart watch that works with their iPhone just like Samsung and their smart watch that works with the Galaxy line of smartphones. Some people just think that nothing will come out of this buy out.

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