Is Facebook Lifestyle or Life Support?

       So, I just got done having a debate with my mom about Facebook. My mom is 54 years old. I made her Facebook account about a year ago, and she uses it once in a blue moon. She thinks “it’s fun”, but believes it shouldn’t be a focal point of people’s everyday life. It shouldn’t take up too much time; it should be more like watching television or listening to music. More like a leisure activity. As much I agree with her, I also believe that staying connected with Facebook is vital to having a successful social life.

           Now a days, people don’t call you if they want to get a hold of you. If anything they might text you, but for the most part you’ll probably end up hearing from them on Facebook before anything else. It’s “sad” according to my mom. It’s “too superficial”. People don’t take the time to get to know each other. We gain an opinion about someone through their photos, and “about section”.  I agree that it sometimes takes the fun out of getting to know somebody, but it also prepares you for what you’re getting into. I guess I would say it almost “protects” you. On the other hand, you’re actually judging them before you even get to know them. As shallow as that may seem, we’re all guilty of doing it.

           Facebook is even causing people to get divorces (not that it wouldn’t have happened anyway). Yet, people are technically having affairs online, without even meeting face to face. On the other hand, people are falling in love through Facebook and other online dating websites. Online dating had become very popular, and is projected to become a billion dollar industry.

            I guess after all this rambling, I wonder if Facebook is actually doing more bad than good? Yes, it helps us stay connected with our friends, and we get the latest updates on the cool new parties approaching next week. But what happened to the good ol’ days? When getting to know someone was in person, physically one on one; not some virtual society. 



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