Is medicine healing our sicknesses or making us sicker?

When it comes to health, statistics are scary for us as Americans. Whether caused by prior lifestyle decisions or genetics, Americans are suffering from fatal illnesses every second of every day.  What boggles my mind is the fact that  people think there are cures for the majority of these diseases but the reality of it is, there are no “cures”. The definition of cure is “restoration of all health”, majority of medicine prescribed comes with major and sometimes fatal side effects.  What medicine does to our bodies is in essence, just an illusion. I am not saying that all medicine is bad, but I am stating that America is a business before it is anything else. We are programmed to believe that if we take medication we will be healed, but over extensive periods of time our bodies starts deteriorating. Once this happens we are prescribed more medicine to fix problems we have only because of the medication that was prescribed to us to begin with. In America medicine is equivalent to money, and money is seen as success; it is not to my surprise that we are considered a successful country. I have a very strong opinion about how Americans handle health issues, because I am a firm believer in Holistic healing. I witnessed people rid themselves of diseases that have no “cure”, and till this day remain disease free. Our bodies are magnificent machines, if equipped with the proper amounts of vitamins and minerals medicine is not needed.

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