Is Miley Cyrus Making the Foam Finger Lose Its “#1” Spot?

The MTV Video Music Awards this year has been the topic of a lot of people’s conversation lately. Outside of ‘N Sync coming back after nearly a decade with an amazing performance, it’s safe to say that many people were let down by this awards show. Miley Cyrus became the notorious figure when the VMAs were brought up. Her raunchy dance moves disturbed and “freaked out” many viewers especially when she imitated sexual acts with a foam finger. One particular viewer was highly disappointed in what they saw.

Steve Chmelar is the inventor of the iconic foam finger and he had a lot to say about Miley’s performance. He felt as though she degraded his beloved invention by using it for what she did and also in a way defacing it. Her foam finger was not only used in a sexual manor but it also looked the part with its long, red fingernail. Chmelar felt that his honorable foam finger was just trashed by Miley Cyrus and was offended by her performance all in all.

Many sports fans were also offended because what she used was such a cherished sports icon that she used on stage and for something that is not even sports related. What they saw was what they loved being ruined.

Aside from the foam finger, Miley seemed to offend many people, in general, by her performance. Several people called it “trashy” or “vulgar” and wished they had never seen it in the first place. Basically, after her performance, Miley Cyrus will probably never be looked at as “#1.”

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