Is Our Generation Really Technologically Savvy?

I’ll be the first to admit that I am not as advanced in technology as most people my age today.  With all this talk about us being in the “digital age”, I am thinking I am not quite alone.  I remember taking a Marketing class that mentioned there are three groups of consumers when it comes to purchasing technology.  For example, when Apple releases the newest IPhone. The first group of people are the ones who show up days in advance to wait in line for the phone to be released.  The second group waits for a newer version of the phone to be released and settle for the one generation older phone for a huge discount.  The third group of people will not adopt the new technology until they are forced.  I think I fall in the middle somewhere.  But the problem with that is I am constantly playing catch up.  And like I said, I am sure I’m not alone.  There are many of us who feel like we are just figuring out the latest gadget when a newer version is released.  I am also a student who enjoys still learning from a book rather than online version.  It can seem overwhelming when you have to not only learn the material of a class, but also the technology that provides the information.  And even though I am not the most technologically savvy person, all I have to do is step back and think of where my parents are.  Constantly asking for guidance when it comes to the Internet and technology.  It makes me wonder where I’ll be in thirty years in the technological world.  Will I have kids making fun of me for my lack of knowledge of technology? Only time will tell.

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