Is prince charming waiting for you online?

Almost everyone I know especially my girlfriens have attempted the online dating trend. I hear horror stories and then some that aren’t too bad. Yet I never hear of anyone finding true love or a long term relationship from online dating. Advertisment convinces you that you will find the love of your life by online dating. From what I have encountered that doesn’t seem to be the reality though. Online dating seems to have many promising answers to finding you someone special, but really it is just finding you someone to waste time with until the next guy sends a message to your profile inbox. It is a great idea though to think that a computer is going to find someone that is compatible for you. I think as technology has come to where it is we have forgotten want a real human connection is and how to make that.

As a society we are used to being able to hide behind our phones or other technology. We do not have to deal with confrontation or engaging in face to face conversation as much as it used to be. So now I feel we have lost that spark that made us connect with that special someone. How do you really know if it is there when you meet someone online? I don’t think you do. I think human interaction is the way to find love not online dating. Don’t get me wrong it does give some perks for people that may be too busy. Then again if you’re to busy to meet someone how can you have time for a relationship? Its up to the person to decide their needs and wants.

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