Is Stacey Dash the start from “Cluess” really Cluess for saying that we should get rid of BET and other media outlets?

Many of you might have heard what Stacy Dash said about the outlast and lack of black actors getting nominations for the Oscars. Which led to the comment about getting rid of channels like BET and no longer having a Black History Month. Spike Lee and Jada Pinkette Smith have made videos about the lack of black actors getting nominated for movies. To be quite frank  the Oscars BARELY and RARELY have any black actors to win anything The Oscars have been around for decades, 87 years to be exact and this year compared to the other has been the worst because not one black actor or actress have been nominated for awards.

When Stacey Dash was interviewed on “Fox and Friends” about this she said “People (black people) have to know what they want, either segregation or integration.” Also saying if we do not want segregation we need to get rid of channels like BET, Image Awards and the BET awards which she quotes that you only get awards for being black; which is utterly untrue. Many people from all races and backgrounds have won BET Awards and Image Awards simply because of their work and contributions.

My main issue with Ms. Dash is that she said we need to get rid of Black History Month, is Black History not American History? Is Black History not that important? In grade school we learned about Black History for only one week then we moved on to other topics. Once again our school system fails to teach children properly. Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks are not the only 2 people that make up Black History, it is deeper then that! Also Ms. Dash needs to know that we have other months dedicated to other topics such as Woman History Month, Hispanic History Month and Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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