Is technological change helping or hurting?

People say that technological advancement is a blessing. The Age of Information in which we now live allows us to access almost anything from all over the globe. You can talk to people millions of miles away, purchase almost anything, and learn things you never knew before. While all this may be great, there are also tons of consequences associated with this new era.

Being able to access things instantly has made people conditioned to having things immediately. I believe this is the single worst consequence that has come out of the digital age. News and media outlets now are in competition to be the first to break a story, causing them to work fast and make mistakes/leave out important information. Being a call or a text message away has made people impatient and untrusting. If you don’t text someone back within five minutes then you are considered to be ignoring them, or doing something you shouldn’t be doing, etc. This immediacy has taken away much needed time to think in responding to texts and in solving problems.

Technology has also taken away a great amount of personal privacy. Having a computer and internet basically puts you on a grid. Large companies and advertisers can now track almost everything you do online, making it easier for them to get information about you and your preferences. Facebook allows people to track what you’re doing and contact you whenever they’d like. Cell phones allow you to be contacted almost anywhere at any time. It’s basically impossible these days for you and your personal information to be isolated and private.

These are just a few of the things negative consequences the digital age has brought to our society.

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