Is Technology Change Good or Bad?

In Article 1, Postman states that the fourth idea about the things we need to know about technological change is “Technological change is not additive; it is ecological.” I agree with this pretty much completely. When a big technology is introduced into the world, it’s like it takes over the world. When cell phones were introduced to the world, everyone got one. When I think of something as “added” to the world, I think of something that is occasionally there. However, cell phones are so prominent in everyone’s lives that it became ecological. Even in undeveloped nations, cell phones are still prominent because it is their only way of communicating. When something becomes ecological, it is like societies can’t live without it. I definitely think that our world today would not be able to function without a cell phone, especially with the invention of the smartphone. Smartphones allow people to check their emails, Facebook’s, and search directions anywhere they are.

The fifth idea, “the media tends to become mythic,” is a crazy one to think about. I don’t agree that people think technology is a gift of God. Humans made all the advances in technologies. Change is inevitable in humans’ lives. We should not be surprised or angry when everything is embedded into one. For example, I don’t remember people getting angry when the television, computer, and music were all created into one product. I think people need to stop being so materialistic so when things change they aren’t angry. I don’t think technology is a gift of God, I think that when something is new or changed that we have really smart people out there that are trying to make things easier for the lazy Americans.

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