Is the News Paper Going to be Extinct?

There are many talented and well known journalist out their who spend their days writing about current events for the New York Times and other hot newspaper’s, but where do these journalists and talented writers go to when people are transitioning to the internet for almost everything? The answer, in my opinion, is to the ifnternet! It is a very simple concept that most newspaper companies probably don’t want to accept, but they will have to. Reading the article “The Reconstuction of American Journalism” got me thinking outside the box when it came to the future of journalism.

As a stubborn person, I sometimes find myself not wanting to accept that I need the newest of new technology. However, most of the time that doesn’t exactly stop me. Nowadays you see a new breed of social networking online and the internet is growing more rapidly than ever. When people want information, they Google it, they don’t search around their local newspaper looking for it. The fact of the matter is that newspapers will soon be obsolete. I mean think about it, who besides the people who grew up on reading the newspaper are mostly the only ones who read it. This means that as people become older and eventually die, so will the Newspaper, its simply a matter of being outdated.

As for the writers and journalists, they need to either jump on the bandwagon or watch their careers fade because once you realize that you should have been posting and pubishing online, it will be too late. It used to take up to hours to find out about critical events that happened in the world, sometimes earlier it would take over a day. Nowadays doesn’t it seem like everyone knows within the first 30 minutes? Technology is expanding and so is the internet and whoever doesn’t jump on the bandwagon will be left in the dust.

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