Is transportation planning appropriate for today?

Since the size and safety of cars in the same parking lots or, for that matter, on the same roads has been raised, let’s take the issue one step farther; what about bicycles? I happen to fancy myself an environmentalist riding with pride buses and bicycles every since I used to ride in cars everywhere when other kids were riding on bikes. It took a miracle to affect such a change–but now I’m enjoying such a life– call this my childhood. The point is this raises the place in society pedestrians and bikers have. I could brag about my carbon-shoe size, but we all know the relative size of cars-to-bikes and what is healthier. The differance is so great that roads more suited to bikes than cars are also presumed suitable for pedestrians. As for whether bikes belong on sidewalks, the truth is, experts say it is actually safer to flow with traffic than to surprise drivers turning in from behind you, from ahead of you, or leaviing any driveway. That is why it’s so sweet to have a bike lane on one multi-lane road and not-so-sweet to have traffic sign touting a multi-lane road approaching the campus to be for bikes and cars together. If you bike, be that engineer’s guest if you wish; but that’s where I join any other biker I’ve seen and take the walk thankful there are few driveways there. If you’re a driver jockying for a place in the flow to get to class on time, I know you are thankful there are few enough driveways to keep us from fallowing those signs too.
Whether this is Japan or not, a community called Celebration is using golf carts as traffic. If you wouldn’t feel safe so jockeying in a golf cart, should there be separate roads for cars and carts? If that doesn’t sound right, how about sidewalks? You would take that separation for granted wouldn’t you? Now where go the bikes? Is there enough room for a bike trail off read? How about a horse trail?
I can remember when there were no buses to the campus–not one. Now there are buses, buses,buses! They had to start sometime.

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