Is true Secrecy a thing of the past?

Secrecy is an idea of the past. With easy access and commonly shared information, the word secrecy is quickly being deleted out of our vocabulary. Currently, the larger problem with secrecy, especially in the United States has more to do with our national security, versus twitter updates and Facebook ads. In 2008, President Obama did something very different than the previous Presidential candidates before him. He made his election campaign viral and changed the way campaigns are done today. Of course, in the age of the internet anything added to the internet we always deem as good, regardless of the benefits it may or may not have. It seems as though we have just recently realized all of the dangers involved with the internet and with the sharing of so many documents and ideas that are meant to be private. Citizens are learning the hard way that sharing of governmental documents is a threat to our national security and comes with serious repercussions.

There has been much talk about privacy rules regarding popular social media sites as well.  With the daily additions of new applications and changes in privacy settings have led to many debates on what is considered private material. Because of the common use of the internet, government officials have made it easier for classified information to be shared, hacked into, and put into the wrong hands. Additionally, because of the easy access to all types of technology and equipment the problem now becomes the age of the hackers. Growing up in a world of technology means that hackers are no longer adults in their middle ages instead a growing number of hackers are teenagers or those in their early twenties. Computers are no longer a secret and promises made are no longer able to be made and then forgotten. The internet has created a permanent documentation of not only written and spoken word and in the future is going to create a problem for citizens and government officials alike if not careful of what is being used and displayed online.

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