It’s Ladies Night, Oh What A Night

Throughout the summer, I’ve been attending Ladies Night at a local restaurant and bar and on this weekly special night, ladies drink for free from 9 to close. During these times, I did a lot of people watching and it got me thinking, who is ladies night really for? I used to think it was for bars and clubs to attract girls to come into their establishment so guys would want to come and buy drinks and check out the ladies but what I’ve come to discover is that Ladies Night is for the ladies. I do not know if this is a new discovery for anyone or if it became obvious to me after I hit the legal drinking age but ladies night has turned into “No Boys Allowed” night.
People watching on these nights showed me a lot of things. There were girls with their boyfriends, girls with their friends, girls with other girls and their boyfriends, girls and boys, etc. But my favorite was the girl I saw every week I was there, with her friends throwing back drinks like it was going out of style. She needed this, I could tell. And her friends could tell. She just needed this one night of totally and complete free fun and I say, go for it girl. You got a drive home.

“On disco lights your name will be seen, You can fulfill all your dreams, Party here, party there, everywhere, This is your night, baby, You’ve got to be there” – Kool & the Gang

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