It’s My News and I Want It Now: The Benefits of News on Demand

I absolutely love having the ability to access whatever news and media I want, whenever I want. The days of waiting  for 11 O’clock news or waiting for the morning paper are over. News and media content are now being distributed and updated constantly. The Internet is the single greatest medium to access this content. The Internet is always available and is able through multiple sources, i.e. computers, smart phones, tablets, etc. I should also mention I enjoy the ability to read the news that may be a couple hours old or a couple days old. Being able to go back and get updated on the current state of our nation, favorite sports team, or worldly affairs is a great tool to have. Being able to go back read the news from a couple days ago may inform you on how the current news has come to fruition in terms of what stories are developing and how they got to this point. Before repurposed content, if you missed the paper or 11 o’clock news then you missed what was going on in the world.  I am fan of “repurposed content” from  broadcast to the internet because for the most part, I am less influenced by the broadcast version of the news. I am also a believer that the repurposed content via the Internet is much shorter and filled with less objectivity then what a broadcaster might give off. Forming my own opinion from uninfluenced news and media content is something that I highly desire. Now, the repurposed content isn’t always less opinion oriented than the broadcast version so its important you find a media source that you trust and are consistent with.

Although routine is important in my life, I couldn’t imagine not having access to new and old news and media content whenever I wanted. The days of waiting for the morning paper or staying up late to watch the news are no longer the only avenues in which people are obtaining their news and media content.



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