It’s Strictly Confidential.

A reporter named Jana Winter has been a hot topic in the news for the past week. She’s a reporter for Fox News and is at possible risk of jail time for not telling the police who her sources are that essentially accused a man of murder. In her defense it should not really matter who is saying what because if there was no chance that this man did do the crime then the these outrageous claims would have been dismissed easily and immediately. It seems like the only reason it is an issue is because it kind of throws a monkey wrench in the defenses case but hey all is fair in love and court. She claims that she has promised not to tell because she wants to protect the names of the people who told her. Even though  there should be some sympathy for those people who are at risk f it does come out there probably wont be. Luckily for them it seems like no matter what Jana Winter is going to keep her lips zipped.

This topic makes me think of journalists world wide. Would all journalists make that sacrifice? To me it takes a certain type of person to genuinely care about the well being of the news. Shes been working for Fox for some time now I”m sure and I feel like if you are an experienced journalist you would know a real story from petty rumors. She took a chance. It really gives me a respect for her because she not interested in the fame for cracking the case but more so in protecting those that need protection.

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