Jaguar Fans Insist Tebow is Savior

This week Jacksonville Jaguars fans held several rallies outside of Everbank Field in Jacksonville in support of the team picking up the contract of Tim Tebow. The Jaguars are 0-2 in the start of the 2013 season, and the games really have not been close at all.

The team has made plenty of new renovations over the past season including upgrades to the stadium and even a new logo. Both changes however haven’t lead the team to any better performances on Sunday afternoons.

Meanwhile former New England Patriots quarterback Tim Tebow hasn’t found an NFL job again since being released by the team over a month ago. He has been offered several opportunities by Arena, Russian, and Canadian League teams, however he still feels that he has the caliber to play as an NFL quarterback and will not settle playing for any other league.

Jacksonville fans have started to hold these rallies this week to try and attract the Jaguars ownership to bring in Tebow as hopefully a new spark for this team. Tebow would also serve as a great way to bring in fans and support for the Jaguars. Tim Tebow gained his original famed status as the star player for the nearby University of Florida. But even before that, he grew up even closer to Jacksonville in Ponte Vedra. As horrible as the statistics of Tim Tebow have been over the last year, he truly is worth a shot for the Jaguars.

My opinion is to take a chance on Tebow. I am really not the biggest fan of him since he disapproves to play for anyone that isn’t an NFL team, but he is worth a chance. Tebow will spark competition is the Jaguar’s nonexistent offense and bring fans from all over Florida to the games to bring in countless amounts of revenue for the team.


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