Jake T. Austin – Former Disney Channel Star Shows Off His New Girlfriend And Fans Are Going Crazy – Click To Find Out Why!

People can seem to function after finding out that Jake T. Austin, 21, former Disney’s Wizard of Waverly Place star, is dating real-life fan, and probably his biggest fan. Yes, that’s right – she is or used to be his long-time fan for about 5 years sources say. After countless intents to meet up with the star, Jake finally gave in when he met her. He recently just posted a picture of them together laying in a bed kissing with the caption “I’m crazy for her”. Leaving all of his other fans speechless, the name of the lucky fan, which now gets to be called his girlfriend, is Danielle Ceasar, 22, so her wait for him was obviously very worth it.

This has made him become a trending topic today, bringing a lot of press not just for him but also to Danielle, who is just a regular girl with no connection to the media whatsoever, but now girls are going crazy, thinking it could have them instead of her. Life is not fair according to them. Let’s hope they let these enjoy their love and see where it takes them.

But we are definitely starting the year off right with these amazing news to all the fan girls out there, now they know that after trying really hard, your dream can come true if you tweet a million times a day your crush, but not just any crush, a Hollywood star. Danielle has really given all of us hope and also Jake T. Austin for being brave enough to go out with someone who is already obsessed with him.

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