Japan Remembers

One year ago today, Japan was devastated by a giant earth quake, that was quickly followed by a tsunami which killed more than 20,000 people. Today across Japan, at 2:46 pm, a moment of silence muted the entire country as they recall their loved ones who lost their life in the 9.0 quake. The quake is said to be the strongest ever recorded in Japan’s history, which caused a massive tsunami that produced a swell more than 65 feet high.

 Not only did Japan loose thousands of people that day, it lost many communities and companies, including the nuclear power plant. The country was already struggling for years with national debt, but now is under more pressure than ever. The Prime Minister has high hopes of rebuilding a community that will be even better than before. When and where the money will come to help rebuild such a high amount of damage? Their leader has hope, so that’s all the people of Japan can do too. A year after the incident and they still have more than 325,000 people still in temporary living. Barely any rebuilding has taken place within this last year, and debris still lies in piles along the coast. When the money starts to roll in, the houses will start being rebuilt. Future plans have been discussed to rebuild the community at a higher, safer ground.

 Memorial services will continue on during the night to remember the victims that lost their lives in the horrible tragedy. Many people still hope to find their missing loved ones who were lost in the rubble. An enormous challenge lies ahead for the people of Japan. Not only through the emotional horror of accepting the loss of a family member or friend, and hopefully finding some sort of closure. Yet, somehow rebuild the community. The buildings, stores, churches, houses, along with nuclear power plants have been estimated to be completely rebuilt in about forty years.

 I don’t know how the people of Japan are managing, but something keeps pushing them forward. As long as they keep their faith, and hold their heads up, they will be able to make it through this difficult time. God bless them, and put a little something extra in their day.

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