Jet Crashed in Virginia Beach

When a f-18 military jet crashed in Virginia Beach, it set 4-5 seperate buildings aflame, causing quite a bit of damage. There were about 20 apartment building that were either damaged from the crash or from the fire damage that followed. This is a regrettable situation the has occurred in the place where so many people go to relax and have vacation. Not to mention, that the Navy now has to find the glitch in the jets that made it go out of control.

Three hours after the crash hospitals announced only 6 people were injured, and not morbidly injured to their knowledge with no fatalities reported. This included the two pilots who ejected just seconds before the crash. One of the plots even got attached to one of the buildings that was damaged and on fire, the fire department had to cut him from his parachute to let him free, so he could go to the hospital. Even though there has been damage to people property and buildings are damaged the fact that nobody was hurt is a miracle.

The Navy has not come out with an official statement saying what went wrong yet. The only thing that they have come to say thus far, is that the pilots were ‘ambulatory’ however not seriously injured. Even though there is a lack of official statements so far, I am sure it is only due to the fact that they have to look at every little thing before they can officially say what went wrong .

The jet took off from the Naval Air base Oceana, and it had crashed into Mayfair Mews Apartments which is about 4 miles north of the air base. People that witnessed it, said it looked like it was out of control, wavering and so forth. With this in mind I can not assume that the pilots did anything wrong, but rather something short circuited. Even though it is a great tradgedy that so much damage was done, it can not be stressed enough that it is so fortunate that nobody was seriously injured.

This was a serious problem that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Even though I am pretty sure that it will be rectified as soon as the source of the problem was found. The only thing that is left is thanking god that nobody was hurt in the incident. However for the time being we will wait to see the official Naval statement.

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