Journalism has lost the truth

When you think of journalism today what is the first word that comes to mind? For me it is not truth, but story telling. Journalism has lost all aspects of bringing the truth of the story. With the way society is today people are more intrigued by what the world is not instead of what it is. This provokes journalist to feed into what will sell in news rather than informing our fellow citizens about uplifting or serious topics and stories. Not to say it is the personal journalist themselves, but the broadcast networks that control what news will be told that they feel are important. The broadcast networks cause bias opinions that sway the stories of journalist for the most part. This is where the truth is lost because the broadcast networks will emphasize what they feel important and that might not be the whole truth to the story.

In a journalism aspect of today’s society it seems “bad news” is good news because it sells. People in news today would rather report bad news than real news. It seems us as individuals would rather hear about the negative instead of all the positive that happens in the world. Why is that? Do we enjoy being afraid to step out of our front door because of all the negativity being flashed in our faces. It is not right that we should fear our world when there is many positive things to see, but the only way for this to happen is if journalism starts to report the truth.

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