Junk DNA is the New Mystery of the Genome

There has been research on the human genome since we were able to view DNA polymerization. We’ve discovered genetic markers for diseases, heritable traits and even intelligence. It is common knowledge to most that we are what our genetic code tells use we are. Essentially, we’re a computer programed millions and millions of genetic codes. These codes are directions and recipes for protein creation and function. But there is a small fact that many people do not know about out genetic sequence.

Thirty five percent of our genetic makeup consists of genes called transposons that copy themselves and implant onto several sequences of our genome. One might ask what these transposons are for. The answer is nothing. They are what geneticists consider “junk DNA.”

These self copying genes coy themselves and implant their code into the middle of other sequences, making it extremely difficult to read the genetic material that is functional. Even more interesting is the idea that these transposons act similar to a parasite or virus and live through generations. Like a virus they hide themselves in the genetic code and sit there like a box of old junk. Not only do they very efficiently copy themselves, but also they regenerate in the offspring of their hosts.

The shocking point of this article is that our genome is thirty five percent parasitic. One third of our “human manual” is not useful whatsoever and has a selfish tendency to constantly copy itself and live on through generations and generations of prosperity.

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