Justin Bieber Arrested Because of Suspicious Activity (DUI, drag racing)

Justin Bieber was arrested on Thursday in the morning because he was suspected of being under the influence of alcohol and also responsible for drag racing. Two SUVs were used to block streets in Miami, so Bieber could race in his yellow Lamborghini on the streets of Miami, in particular 26th and Pine Street.

I think that Bieber is just being himself. How the media hold celebrities responsible for being “goody two shoes” is stupid. Humans are humans, and even if they have to act a certain way to appeal to a certain audience member(s), in reality they will do other activities when they are not performing in public.

It is also very silly how parents and once again the media blames these celebrities for not being good role models for children. In my opinion, parents should be their children’s role models, not rely on a celebrity to inspire their children how to act or carry themselves in life. A true parent can set the way of life for their children, after all these parents do not truly know who these celebrities are as individuals. It is only what they see or hear on either the television or radio that allows them to understand somewhat who this celebrity is.

This is Bieber’s first time being arrested, and a police department said that they were investigating officers that were escorting Bieber’s caravan from strip clubs in Miami with authorization. Also not too long ago, as a matter of fact last week, sheriff deputies from Los Angeles had a search warrant to raid Bieber’s mansion concerning an investigation involving vandalism.

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