Juvenile Murderer Too Young To Be Tried As An Adult?

When most seventeen year olds are preoccupied with the festivities of the new school year and the privileges of senior year, Michael Dewayne Jones has a little more on his plate then the majority of his peers. A little over a month ago, Jones was charged with being an accessory to the murder of Christopher Lane. Lane, an Australian baseball player, was shot in the back with a small caliber weapon as he was jogging along the road in Duncan, Oklahoma, by Jones, Chancey Luna and James Francis Edwards Jr. The latter two, are both sixteen.

While in custody, Jones and the two other teenagers told investigators that they were simply bored and made the decision to kill someone solely for the “fun of it.” A rather simple explanation for a horrendous act caused all of the teenage boys to be charged as adults. The charges range from accessories to murder to first degree murder. In addition, charged as an adult Jones could face up to ninety years in prison. In an attempt to salvage Jones’ future, his attorney has asked that he be charged as a youthful offender. If charged as a juvenile, Jones would be released from custody at eighteen.

A gag order has been issued on the case, prohibiting attorneys and others involved from disclosing more information about the case. However, the judge has granted a motion to delay Jones’ preliminary hearing from October 2nd to November 6th. The attorney of Luna has claimed that Luna was not involved in the shooting, while Edwards’ attorney refuses to comment due to the gag order.

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