Katrina Aftermath – 10 year Anniversary

Katrina was one of the most catastrophic hurricanes in history. This hurricane demolish the city of New Orleans with 174 mph winds. The people, the buildings, the environment felt extinct.

In 2005, no matter which class of society you’ve belong to the people weren’t fully prepared for what this hurricane would turn into; different  cities, Central Business District to Lake View and New Orleans East were covered in floods with a side of destruction.

Ten years later each district was able to “rebuilt” and bring new types of cultural people to this wonderful city.

Central Business District was known as a politician, wall street type of district;visiting that part of town was to take care of legal issues. after Hurricane Katrina, the environment of this business setting changed, new young, tech-savvy entrepreneurs migrated this area. By migrating, their laid back, star ups, “to cool to wear a suit” mindset became the new norm. According to the article, startups rise up to 64%.

Lake View is unique because of it’s location. You can get lost and end up in Lake View, its an area where you want to visit there. Before Katrina, this district was mostly of white older residents that retired or families that wanted to be away from the city. Now, this district rebuild to have families of different cultural backgrounds with a higher upper class.

Finally, New Orleans East was known as a higher wealthy class to mostly African Americans middle class. Although this district still has form of rough areas throughout the main reasons of families moving to NOE  for educational purposes. Young graduates moving from all over the world to educate, mold young minds to have a better future.

New Orleans have evolved after Hurricane Katrina; from business environment to establishing a well rounded middle class. some argue the magic of what made New Orleans special disappeared but others think the magic fused with different culture. No matter how different New Orleans changed, this wonderful city will always be known to be different and unique.

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