Kenya police respond towards Westgate Mall terrorists

On Saturday September 21st at about noon, masked gunmen from the Al-Shabaab militant group invaded the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya. Moving store to store shooting people and taking hostages, the assault became the biggest single attack in Kenya since the US embassy bombing in 1998. The ongoing situation has amassed over 60 deaths and at least 150 injuries. Among the dead were foreigners from all over the world, including those from Britain, France, Ghana, Canada, China and India. The Shabab took ownership of the assault on Twitter and have been communicating their message as the assault continues, threatening the lives of any remaining hostages as Kenyan forces continue to move in. The whole attack is said to be retribution for Kenya’s military presence in Somalia, where much of the territory was once controlled by the Shabab.

With the developing situation, it is unclear just how many gunmen and hostages remain, but the Kenyan forces are determined to end the assault as soon as possible. The forces have also received aid from security services out of the UK and France. The F.B.I. is also said to have offered assistance and agents were at the Kenyan command post soon after the scene erupted. Up to this point, security forces had rescued more than 1,000 people since the shooting began on Saturday. Unfortunately it was reported on Sunday that 49 people have yet to be accounted for and the death toll may be significantly higher once the crises ends. For now, Kenya mourns as one nation for the currently accounted lost ones and hopes the entire situation may finally end soon.

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