Khole Kardashian Will Get A Divorce? Will Lamar Odom Make A Returns to The NBA

Khole Kardashian is thrilled that her husband Lamar Odom is in a better state and making his way back to the NBA. But it looks like the damage that Lamar Odom did to Khole is done and she is allegedly planning to divorce Lamar Odom once he returns to the NBA.

Khole, 29, has unconditional love for Lamar, 34, she feels the damage he has done to their marriage is irreparable. Khole is still devastated over the situation that Lamar has put her through and now wants out but only after Lamar is healthy and back on the basketball court.

According to sources close to Lamar and Khole situation, Khole is still grappled with the situation for some time now and feels that the only best option is divorce from Lamar. Khole’s whole thing is not going through the same situation again with Lamar.Khole seen Lamar at his best and worst but is scarred to go through that catastrophic event that occurred over the summer. Only time will tell if Lamar and Khole will last.

Bleacher Reports has reported that the LA Clippers are almost on the verge to signing back Lamar Odom to the Clippers. Do you think Lamar Odom will be signed by the end year to play with his old team? Or is Lamar Odom career done since the rumors of drug reports, marital problems have been the headlines this past year. Should we give Lamar Odom a second chance and pretend like nothing never happened. Lamar will have to prove to his critics that he has changed and focused back on the sport his loves which is basketball

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