Killer Storms turn Deadly leaving many homeless!!

Forecasters on Monday warned millions of Americans to be prepared for another round of severe storms, including strong tornadoes, a day after storms killed 16 people in three states. These killer storms hitt Oklahoma, Iowa and Arkansa where 14 of the 16 people died. In the hardest-hit area, Faulkner County, Arkansas, Sunday’s suspected tornado shattered homes, tossed tractor-trailers and killed 10 people, two of them children, authorities said. The most affected areas were in the towns of Vilonia and Mayflower.

In addition, “there were cars flipped everywhere, there were people screaming,” James Bryant, a Mississippi State University meteorology student, told reporters. After darkness hobbled overnight efforts to find survivors or bodies in Faulkner County, rescue crews launched a “deliberate, concentrated search and rescue effort” Monday morning, county spokesman David Hogue told reporters. Also, Hogue said it’s “entirely possible” the death toll will rise as emergency crews search the wreckage of destroyed homes, including some that only have been recently rebuilt after being flattened three years ago by another tornado. The Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe said the storm was one of the worst to hit the state in recent memory,”It’s devastating for the people who have lost property,” he said. “It’s even more devastating for those who have lost loved ones.”

Finally, just when you thought it was over it has been estimated that about 3 million people in the South and Midwest are under a moderate threat for severe weather Monday, CNN meteorologist Indra Petersons said and about 24 million are at slight risk of severe weather. In conclusion, i think the most important step that needs to be taken is to make sure these people that are at risk areas are taken to a shelter until the storm is completely over and that for future reference the governor of these states that have rebuilt homes due to previous storms take better safety precaution measures for future storms so that in the future the death toll decreases not increases with killer tornatoe storms of this sort.

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