Lack of Sleep Linked to Higher Heart Disease Risk in Adolescence?

On March 6, findings from The University of Michigan Health System and Baylor University, were published in The Journal of Pediatrics. These finding found that obese teens who get less than the recommended amount of sleep are at a higher risk for diabetes and heart disease. adolescence

The recommended amount of sleep for teens according to The U.S. National Library of Medicine is about 8.5 hours. During the study there was a group of 37 teens ranging from the ages of 11-17. All of which were obese. A majority of the teens slept for seven hours and only five slept for the recommended amount of hours.

For adults there is a link between lack of sleep and obesity. This study concluded a clear link between obese teens lacking sleep and the risk of diabetes and heart disease but it does not provide a clear cause-and-effect relationship. Other studies before had shown a link but it was not made clear.

There are plans for more studies on if more sleep would help lower the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

The U.S. National Library of Medicine suggests that young adults need to start healthy habits which involve a healthy diet and being regularly active along with a good nights sleep of about 8.5 hours. Establishing these healthy habits can help lower the risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, and many other life threatening diseases.

Can getting rid of life threatening diseases be solved simply by teaching children good sleeping, eating, and exercise habits? Eat healthy, be active, and make sure to get the recommended amount of sleep and see if it changes your life for the better.

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