Lamar Odom Was Found Unconscious at a Nevada Brothel- Find Out Who Came to His Rescue!

The former Los Angeles Lakers basketball player checked in into the hotel last weekend, having a great by partying every night, hanging out with some friends, all fun until alcohol and drugs mixed together. Lamar has a very dramatic past with many deaths in his life from family and friends which recently his best friend Jamie passed away due to drug overdosed, and he has been linked to the used of illegal narcotics in the past. Since he was part of the NBA, they get random drug testing done, and he has failed all of them, so he has been kicked out of many teams, right now he is in a long hiatus, his named hasn’t come up in any of the news until this dramatic night.

The hotel’s staff for some reason that has not been released yet, walked into Odom’s room and saw him laying on floor unconscious so they immediately called 911, which gave them some directions on what to do to check if he’s breathing, the were told to flip him up so they can see his face, as soon as they did it, some substances started pouring from his mouth, it was described to be like a white liquid, not fun of course.

The paramedics got there and took him into the emergency room immediately, not many update had been released of his condition yet, we just know that as soon as this all happened Khloe Kardashian flew on a private plane that night to be by Lamar’s side, even though they are divorced, she still cares for him and loves him deeply, as said by herself. Khloe hasn’t made any announcement of his conditions, but some close sources do say that he is stable, so he’s not getting better but he’s not getting worse either.

We hope Lamar can bounce back from this very soon, check back later to see any updates we might have.

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