With technology growing more and more each day, it’s hard to keep up with all of the trends. But one trend that is being invested more and more in our lives is the ability to “learn on the go.” Even though I might be the proudest of people to say that I work and go to school full-time, the truth is that I do.

As an individual with a pretty hectic schedule I am more and more inclined with each semester that goes by, to take online classes. At first when I was introduced to the concept I was hesitant. And for the longes time I did not participate in the online school program. And then the busy work schedule came and I was left with little choices.  So I started small and took 2.

My look on them was that they were alittle odd. I was not used to them but bearable. And they definitely went with my schedule. So the question lied with the fact of if I would be able to complete school taking online courses. At this point online classes are still odd to me but I take them because they are convenient.

I have jumped on the train of technology and now choose to learn on the go. But does this accessbility mean that an online education is as great as a personal one. Are they worth the same. I think that if a study has not ben made they should definitely create one.

I do not think that learning on the go should be a full fledge environment. I believe that attending school in general is an overall experience that online classes simply will not give you. I think it is invaluable and some aspect of your education should be done the traditional way. Wether it is to simply just say you did it, keep normal traditions and keep people social.

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