Life After Reality Television: Big Changes For TLC Star Jon Gosselin

A father of eight and a former TLC reality star, Jon Gosselin was living the dream when his show brought in huge sums of money and fame. Although having eight children is no piece of cake, the income from his family’s television show Jon and Kate Plus 8 allowed the family to experience a plethora of costly opportunities while moving into a 1.3 million dollar home. Life became slightly more difficult when his relationship with his wife Kate hit rock bottom. This change was not only a difficult personal matter but a public spectacle as the couple continued to raise their children in the Hollywood spotlight. The concept of their show was always a controversial subject for viewers. While some enjoyed the program, others felt strongly toward the potential negative tolls it may take on the young Gosselin children. After a messy divorce and multiple years apart, Jon now lives alone in a log cabin. He makes his living waiting tables at a local restaurant while his wife and children remain in the mansion he once purchased. Although Jon chose his self-created path, he was unable to find suitable work after being actively in the public eye. He has become seemingly comfortable in his current lifestyle although he claims he cannot currently afford cable or internet access. The only worry Jon shares with the public is his recent concern regarding his children’s development. In a recent interview, he claimed that his children are not socially developing as normal children should. They struggle with peer interaction and some even avoid it completely. Jon blames this issue not only on his ex-wife’s parenting style but the children’s experience on television. This reconfirms the public’s concern that television has damaged these children, potentially for life. His once beautiful life was demolished by reality television and yet Jon regrets nothing. He claims that life is all about “learning from your mistakes” and would not have things any other way.

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