Life Without Google?

     Ever imagine life without Google? It seems as though without Google we would never know where to start. I remember years ago when I first started using the internet, things were so different. I would log onto AOL (America Online) and you would hear dial tones and wierd noises. Which now is replaced with Wifi which is always readily available when you need it. I would then proceed to use AOL search engines and log onto the kids chat rooms and waste my time on the internet like that.

     Nowadays we have Google. Google seems to be the start of it all. No matter where you need to go it seems as though search engines are so easy to maneuver that we rely on them to help us get to where we need to. Google has become a household name and everyone knows and uses it. Google has changed the internet and has capitalized on being the number 1 trusted search engine.

     From their minimal beginings to now, they have added so many new concepts to the simple search engine. From computer brands to a platform to have your own Google mail system. Google has branched out and expanded to be better known and highly used.

     It seems as though I depend on Google because I have come to be comfortable with it. It is so common and sometimes even though I know which website I would like to visit, I still visit Google to get me to that place. I have chosen to rely on Google because for some reason it makes me think that I can get to where I need to get faster.

     Though many search engines have tried. None have been able to get to where Google has reached. It is dominating the web and more people use it more and more everyday.

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