Listening To Words On A Page

As time progresses, it appears as though we, as a society, are always looking for faster ways to do things.  We no longer know what it means to take our time to clean a house, or go pick up groceries from the store.  We look for the fastest possible solution to what we want to do.  We don’t know what it is like to enjoy some of the little things in life anymore.  Shopping for the house can be a fun and enjoyable experience but we overwhelm ourselves with everything else in life we think takes priority that we can’t enjoy it.  Reading has always been a fundamental thing for us to grow and open our minds and expand our horizons and for a lot of people, the idea of sitting down to read a book doesn’t exist.  This is not the case for everyone but for a lot of people it is.  Technology tries to make it more appealing by creating e-readers.  Now with these we can take these books anywhere, we don’t have to worry about losing our places and no clutter!  It sounds nice but there is something still so nostalgic about having books that I can’t let go.

I like to keep a collection of the books I have and often enjoy the idea of referencing them and revisiting the stories and chapters and events that I remember.  The idea of having an e-reader to me is just lazy.  All these new technologies just seem to allow us to fall in to a trap of being lazy.  We get too dependent on technology to do things and we don’t experience the joy it once was to actually hold a book and reader.  That being said, I have my own rebuttal on this.  I recently listened to an audio-book.  I have never thought of the idea of reading one but to my surprise, I enjoyed listening to it.  This is exactly as I said a form of being lazy so I don’t have to read the book myself but it is a whole new, different experience.  The only drawback I can imagine from this is that it is lazy and you can’t physically reference the written material unless you buy the book, other than that I can see this being a great tool to keeping your imagination going and your mind open.  Some people may not like the actual act of reading but we all listen to songs on the radio and sometimes radio talk show, what would make listening to a story on the radio so different?  If you don’t have all the time in the world to sit down and read, you have the capability to listen to books on your way to work in the car or while you are exercising, or maybe even on a break at work.  This is such a great tool for those people who swear they don’t have time for reading in their “busy” lives.  This is a perfect solution plus it is relaxing and enjoyable.  I am totally pro-audio books!

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