Live a Better Life; Quit Smoking Today

It’s a fact; smoking kills. Your lungs are filling up with tar every puff you take. One day your life will come to an end (earlier than what your maximum life span would of been) and in your last gasping breath for air, you’ll regret not doing everything in your power to quit smoking.
Your wife keeps asking you. You doctor keeps bugging you.  Yet, you’ve tried everything out there.  Wrong. A new simple electronic cigarette has received worldwide attention. They are a healthier (and cheaper) way to help cut down on the addiction. It looks and feels like your regular cigarette, but you will be getting one thousand times less carcinogens then you would with a regular cigarette.  Plus the electronic cigarette has no tar, tobacco, carbon monoxide, or ash. The other amazing fact about these little guys is that they won’t give you cancer! The electronic cigarette will give you nicotine but not the other thousands of nasty chemicals your normal cigarette would give.
Nearly 700,000 thousand Americans have already switched over to the electronic cigarette. They are noticing how much of dramatic change it has had on their lives. Not only do they not smell like a smoker anymore, they are expected to save around one thousand dollars a year.
If you or anyone you know is addicted to cigarettes I highly recommend these new things. I think it’s great they have come out with something besides the patch to help people who actually want to quit smoking. I personally have been touched by this amazing new invention. An uncle of mine who I am very close with has been a hard core smoker for about forty years. He recently in the last four months hasn’t had one cigarette besides his electronic one. He feels better and is happier with his life (and so is his wife!) What is also great about these little guys is that they are not real; there for, they are allowed in restaurants, bars, work places, and even airplanes. No one will smell it or get second hand smoke. They even have different flavor to choose from!
Please spread the word of this fabulous new invention. You could save a life or two. They are extremely cheap, and make great birthday presents! About five or six dollars will last you an entire month. I give this two thumbs up, and if I had another thumb I’d put that one up too!

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