Major League Baseball: Instant Replay to Be Expanded Next Year

For many years Major League Baseball had no instant replay or review-ability for any play. This was a problem because of human error such as, not being able to see if a player is safe, or if a ball is foul. The expansion of instant replay is important for the game of baseball because any wrong call can greatly affect the outcome of a game. In recent years, small doses of instant replay were applied with rules that allow home runs to be reviewed. Other than that, it’s really up to the umpires eyes to decide whether a call goes one way or the other.

The new expansion will include the use of 3 challenges throughout the game, one for the first six innings, and two for the last 3 innings. The managers of the teams will have the opportunity to challenge a call made by the umpire at almost any point in the game. If the manager of the team wins the challenge they will be allowed to keep their challenge for another time in the game. All of the challenges will be sent to the MLB Headquarters in New York for review. Not all plays will be reviewable after this motion is passed. A couple plays that won’t be able to be reviewed are hit-by-pitch calls and balls and strikes. I believe it is the right decision to keep pitch calling up to the umpires because it upholds the human element of baseball. If there is a set strike zone made by a robot it would make batting much easier for the hitter, which could completely change the difficulty of pitching.

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