Making Positive Changes, One Step at a Time; Starting by Changing The Food One Puts Into One’s Body

In everyone’s life there is always something a person wants to change. Some people are dealing with too many things that need a one hundred and eighty degree turn, while others are dealing with just a few issues. However, for both the only way to start the change is by starting with one thing at a time. For example to break a bad habit we need to replace that bad habit with a good one.
Recently I decided to break the bad habit of eating junk food and I am so glad I have been able to maintain firmly in my decision of eating well. I started replacing a cup of coffee and a muffin at breakfast time for a banana. I cannot say it was easy at the beginning, but after a week I felt strongly about it. Second, I have to replace snacks for fruits, sodas for carrot juice, cereal and bread for vegetables. So far, I have been in the process for just forty days, but even during this time I already feel more energy during the day. Before, I used to be tired and sleepy by the middle of the week. I can see the benefits of a healthy eating; now my work is to teach and encourage my family members about the benefits of eating natural healthy foods, without all the chemical and preservatives that I used to eat all the time. It is a rewarding decision; I feel more energy during the day and sleep better at night. I have lost some extra weight and can also think with more clarity.

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