Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Mysteriously Disappeared

It’s been a few days since Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has seemingly vanished. With 239 people onboard, the plane went off the radar on March 8, 2014 and since then there has been no signs of where it may have gone. To add to the oddness, the pilot never sent a distress signal to the tower. This whole situation reminds me of the episode of the Twighlight Zone, “Odyssey of Flight 33,” in which an airplane goes back in time to the pre-historic age and then forward in time to the year 1939, which is still 22 years prior to the plane’s departure date. Granted, the plane is far more likely to have fallen into the ocean than to have taken a voyage through time, but the flight’s mysterious disappearance can’t help but cause some speculation.

On a far more realistic note, there were at least two passengers who were reported using stolen passports, so if anything comes to mind the plane may have been hijacked by these individuals. What alarms even more people is that these stolen passports were in the Interpol database, so it should not have been so easy for these two people to buy the plane tickets. Unfortunately, until the plane or any debris is found the true nature of the events that occurred on March 8 cannot be revealed. There are three dozen aircrafts and 40 ships in 10 different countries on the lookout for any evidence of Flight 370’s fate.

The whole situation is perplexing and Azharuddin Abdul Rahman, the director general of the Malaysian civil aviation department said on Monday that the airplane used for this flight was a Boeing 777-200, which is regarded as an incredibly safe vehicle. There seems to be no cause for the plane’s disappearance. Rahman was quoted saying this about the whole situation: “For the aircraft to go missing just like that … as far as we are concerned, we are equally puzzled as well.” Flight 370 may as well be roaming through different periods of time because at least that would explain what has happened.

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