Manhunt for Sacramento City College Shooter at Least One Dead, Two Injured.

Deadly shooting in Sacramento City College situated in Sacramento California. On September 4, 2015 around twenty-five thousand students were reached out by the Sacramento City College via text message informing them of the situation the school was facing and forcing them to evacuate the campus immediately (the school campus was later placed on lock-down). The event took place around 4pm (west coast time) on one of the school’s parking lot, close to the school’s baseball field. The unfortunate on-campus shooting left one student dead and two students critically injured; however, these both individuals are expected too fully recover. The person responsible for the shooting is described with Pacific Islander traits and has short black hair; moreover, the motive for such a tragic event is completely unknown. The gunman is still on the loose and the hunt for him continues. The police are searching for the killer with dogs, helicopters, cop cars etc. Sacramento City College is outraged by this type of behavior and told sources that the person who committed this crime will not get away with it. The Police Department and the community around the school will not stop the search until the gunman is found and arrested for his crime. It is unfortunate that young individuals that go to college and are trying to get a degree to better their lives get killed like this. This is not the first time a shooting has happened at a college campus in the United States. Like many of you can recall, in 2007 Virginia Tech faced a massacre, thirty-two people were killed and seventeen were injured. College campuses must invest more on the safety of their students to stop the ending of their students lives.

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