Marco Rubio Wants the Public To Focus On The Real Issues, Not Just the Superficial Ones

Marco Rubio recently spoke out about what he thought was an injustice as far as coverage of the upcoming election. he pointed out that people are still so concerned about whether President Barack Obama is a US citizen, what religion he practices or where he was born. All of those things now are so minuscule because in fact they do not matter at this point in time. If any of those rumors were true the time to call someone out on it was before he was sworn into office. He has been in office for nearly two terms now the focus needs to shift from his nationality and religion to the issues that are pressing everyday Americans.

Rubio pointed out in this three hour long debate they only barely scratched the surface when it came to the state of the economy and the new President plan to fix the problems that persist. Rather it was a he-said, she said competition. trying to sling dirt at each other straying even further from the problem at hand. Elections have become a superficial thing in a lot of aspects because of the way that they are covered, people are expected to have a whole PR team behind them monitoring the press, getting them on cooking shows and reality contest all to get their name out there. While in reality who can make the best scrambled eggs has very little to do with who can run the country the best.

Rubio appears to want to keep the theatrics aside and focus on the issues at hand moving forward. I am not sure on his views for the country but I can respect that he wants to keep the election about what is important and what is going to be the best for the country.

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