Marijuana Vending Machines are Now In Colorado

With the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado, all sorts of laws have come into effect as well as new ways to get it to residents.There was a special delivery of a vending machine to Montana’s Smokehouse in Avon, Colo. In it will not be the bubble gum and candy you usually find in most restaurant vending machines.

Instead, this one is distinctly Colorado.”The future is outside and we’re pretty excited about it,” said Stephen Shearin.His company, American Green, is delivering the “Zazz” in the state’s first marijuana edibles vending machine.”Many people could look at this and say that’s just a vending machine, and they’d be right, but mostly wrong,” Shearin said.That’s for sure. The machine will soon be stocked with goods from Herbal Elements from nearby Eagle-Vail, Colo. They will fill it some of their most popular productsBut just so you know, buying a pot brownie won’t be as easy as sticking in a few quarters for a Snickers bar. You will need a medical marijuana card and your ID will have to have been verified before you can get anything out.

For now, the machine is just on display to help get the word out.”Nothing will be sold out of the machine until we’re 100 percent confident that all rules are being followed, said Shearin.But these people are convinced they are about to revolutionize their industry with this green machine.”I don’t think we’ve dreamed what it can do yet, and that’s the whole point,” said Shearin. “You start with this and you start making your way into the future. I think this is a great starting point and we’re excited about it.”

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