Marriage and Divorce: Falling in Love with the idea of Marriage

In today’s culture, divorce is a very common aspect of people’s lives. Young or old, whether it’s you or your parent’s, many people are getting divorced. The divorce rate is currently 50%. The rate of subsequent marriages increases even more! Being the child of a divorced marriage, I know first hand the effects a child and the parents face through out their lives. Children of divorce suffered from depression, failed in school, and got in trouble with the law. Children with depression and conduct disorders showed indications of those problems predivorce because there was parental conflict pre divorce. Boys are more externally symptomatic than girls, they act out their anger, frustration and hurt. They may get into trouble in school, fight more with peers and parents. Girls tend to internalize their distress. They may become depressed, develop headaches or stomach aches, and have changes in their eating and sleeping patterns

The reason I believe that the divorce has grown so substantially recently is that people who want to get married are consumed with the idea of the perfect wedding, the big ring, the beautiful dress, and the best ceremony. They aren’t so concerned about the person they are actually marrying. Sure, they may like them or even love them at first, but people think they can just marry anyone and it’ll be easy and no work. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as people believe, and end up stressed out by the other person that they never truly knew very well, and may even begin to dislike them.

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