Master Chef Runner-up Josh Marks loses battle of his life, commits suicide

Joshua Marks who was the height of an average center for the sport of basketball was known as a gentle giant by friends. Marks was diagnosed with bipolar disorder a year ago, the same month he lost to the winner of Master Chef Christine Ha in the final round of the Fox reality competition’s.  A week prior to Joshua Marks death a doctor diagnosed him with schizophrenia.

On Friday October 11, Master Chef runner-up Joshua Marks was found died from a gunshot wound to the head. On Sunday October 13 Joshua Marks family said that he was battling with a mental illness at the time of his death. Marks family blames the lack of mental health treatment facilities and the easy access to guns as factors in his tragic death.

Back in July, Joshua Marks was charged with aggravated battery after a scuffle with police officers who were called to the scene after suffered serious facial wounds from a self-inflicted gunshot. Paulette Mitchell, Marks mother believed that the incident on Friday was a call for help, not a suicide attempt. His mother found him dead in an alley on Chicago’s south side Friday evening after a neighbor called to say he was walking around with a gun.

By Joshua Marks not getting the help he needed the results that he would face was either going to jail or death. Joshua family is now hoping to help others suffering from mental illness by talking about things that led up to Joshua committing suicide. A lesson can be taught from Joshua untimely death if you have a problem get the help you need.

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