Miami Dolphins Face Off Against New Orleans Saints

The Miami Dolphins are playing at the Super Dome against the New Orleans Saints tonight at 8:30. This Monday Night Football match up is important for both teams because they’re both undefeated. Both teams have a 3-0 record to start the season off and only one of them will leave 4-0. This is a turn around for both teams that had disappointing 7-9 record in the 2012 season. The Dolphins started their first 4 games last year with 1-3 record and the Saints started out 0-4.

The Dolphins started out their season with a bang with their winning record and new logos. The new uniforms seem to have given them a spark this year that they haven’t had in a while. The Dolphin’s Quarterback, Ryan Tannehill, has more experience in his 2nd year and shown to be much improved. They also have a new Running Back, Lamar Miller, who has replaced the recently traded Reggie Bush.

The Saints had a shocking 0-4 start to their season last year mainly because they didn’t have their head coach for a year. He was suspended because of the bounty gate scandal where specific players were targeted to be injured. The Saints were a completely different team without their coach calling the plays. The Saints have an experienced Quarterback, Drew Brees, that has carried them to many victories.

The two teams are looking to have a successful season and get to the playoffs with such good starts. No matter who wins the game, they’ll both have good starts and players to work with for the rest of the season.

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