Mickey Mouse Finally Given a Voice in Orlando

Visitors to Walt Disney World will now have a completely different experience thanks to enhanced audio costumes for Mickey Mouse. He will now be able to talk in meet and greats throughout the park. Since Mickey and other characters were introduced into the parks, the characters could never talk to guests but only pose.

Although it may seem like only a little change this new feature is a huge upgrade it technology. This required a completely new suit for Mickey that would feature an audio compartment and even mechanical pieces in his house region to make his lips move with each word he says. There are a handful of phrases that Mickey can say, but even this will soon be upgraded upon. He is also only featured currently in one section of Magic Kingdom park with this capability. Disney wants to be sure that the public gives this new feature a warm response before it is incorporated elsewhere in the resort.

I believe that soon any of the characters throughout the parks will feature this new upgrade. It will completely change the experience for a child coming to the park. To this children coming to the parks, the characters will literally be coming to life around him or her and will be able to hold full conversations with them. It will bring a new sense of discovery to the children.

Along with this, look for competing parks in the area like Sea World and Universal to start repeating this same technology.

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