Migraine Surgery on the Rise

Coming from a person who has occasional migraines, such as right now and for the past two days, seeing that migraine surgery is on the rise makes me wonder.  Does all of the technology we are surrounded with everyday play a factor in our migraines?  I definitely think it does.  I mean it can’t all be fun and games, there’s always a side effect.  According to CNN, thirty-six million Americans suffer from migraines. As that number increases, so does the number of those who are trying to correct the issue by undergoing migraine surgery.

This surgery success appeared to happen by accident.  Apparently plastic surgeons  in Cleveland noticed that some patients would return after having a brow lift saying that their migraines were gone.  This led to some experiments and tests and the conclusion was that it only works on some patients.  The first step is to evaluate whether or not someone is a good candidate.  This means surgeons will inject botox or lidocaine into the likely trigger points for the headaches and see if it alleviates any of the pain.  If that injection does indeed help, plastic surgeons believe “the operation could be a more permanent fix.”

Although I wouldn’t consider resorting to surgery at this point in time, I may consider it further down the road depending on how bad my headaches continue to be.  Growing up, I used to suffer from really bad migraines at least twice a year, but now it appears to be once a month, sometimes every week.  As painful and distracting as it can be, I have to carry on with my everyday life.  Disoriented or not, I should start limiting my use of technology and see if that has any effect.

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