Misguided Justice: Unsung Hero or Homegrown Psychopath?

Recently, video game developer Ubisoft Montréal-creator of the newly announced “Watch_Dogs” game-had another threat to national security type of video game in the works called “Rainbow Six: Patriots.” The game dealt with the ramifications of home-grown terrorism that resulted due to the Wall Street corruption scandal and the recent increase in household foreclosures across the United States. Basically a couple of  American citizens have taken it upon themselves to act against the very government designed to help them economically.

Now normally in America there is great amount of debate that rises up when anyone begins to discuss the ethics of terrorism and the horrors it can bring. However, there is always the underlining question that what if these evil actions were justified. I’m not saying its okay to commit terrorism. But if the situation that caused the retaliation in the first place was dire enough, such as losing someone or something that’s very important does that then mean “an eye for eye” is the necessary? Probably not, but it does make for an interesting video game story. Plus, the fact that the terrorist group in the game was nicknamed the “True Patriots” makes the overall plotline of the game much more fascinating. One might even say the reason the group calls themselves that is because they believe they represent the less wealthy/fortunate side of the American population. I suppose either way one looks at terrorism in itself could be used for both good or evil; however those two concepts are always usually followed by a thin white line.

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