Missing Plane Sends Satellite Signals but is Still Yet to be Found

After two long weeks of searching, the scenario of the missing Malaysian Flight MH370 has ended tragically in the Indian Ocean with no known survivors found. While most people assumed that something along these lines was the reason that the flight mysteriously disappeared, it was still quite upsetting to hear about how the events ended. I’m certain many of us would have preferred the flight to have the same flight as that of the Twilight Zone episode “The Odyssey of Flight 33” because in that case at least the people on board would have lived to tell the tale.

However, the investigation is far from being over. People are still perplexed over the fact that the flight went so far off course near the coast of Australia. While satellite picked up where the plane is, people are still searching for its exact location and it is expected to be at the bottom of the ocean. The general vicinity of the plane was reportedly found through a “ping” that was sent every hour to a satellite even after the plane’s communication systems had failed .It is still unclear as to whether or not the families of those on board will be flown to Australia where the search for the plane continues.

On a positive note, all of the passengers have been cleared of suspicion. Several people had feared that the plane had been hijacked and because of that crashed somewhere. While this does not ease the families’ heartbreak, they can rest assured that none of their loved ones took part in the plane’s and fellow passengers’ demise. Despite the fact that the events ended so tragically it was a relief to hear that some light had been shed on the flight’s location. With many different organizations searching for the flight with its general vicinity known, the remains of Malaysian Flight MH370 should soon be found.

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